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New functionality – more accurate and consistent judgements

iAbacus now has the option of including your own review statements which users then RAG rate – making it quicker and easier for them to determine whether their judgements are accurate in each area.

Administrators now have the option of adding statements to the Review Criteria screen that individuals can tick red, amber, or green (RAG).

Not only does this save time for the individual completing the abacus, it aids consistency – helpful for reviewers when trying to evaluate and compare a number of subject areas, individuals or schools.

The Process

The first step in the iAbacus process is for the user to slide a bead against a criteria to judge how they currently meet the standard. They then click on the Review Criteria button to read the relevant criteria, check their judgement and moderate it as appropriate.

However, depending on how the criteria is worded, individuals may interpret it in different ways, or they may make a subjective judgment based on their own experience.

Adding specific statements on the Review Criteria screen gives additional evidence to support (or contradict) the initial judgement, making it less subjective.

It also makes it quicker and easier for users, by breaking down the overall criteria into sections and giving them specific statements to respond to.

The RAG rated statements can be useful if there are specific ‘sub criteria’ that you wish each user to consider.

How it works

Once the RAG rated statements have been set up (which is very easy to do – see our user guide for instructions), when users go to the Review Criteria step, they will see the statements at the bottom of the pop up box.

They RAG rate each statement by clicking on the coloured box – see the screen shot below.

These statements can be used on their own or added together to support the overall judgement – if the individual statements are all rated amber or red, it will be hard to justify a green judgement overall.

There is also an option, when setting up the RAG rated statements, to show them on the PDF report.


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