iAbacus is the only tool on the market allowed to use the proprietary Abacus model.

For over 50 years, the Abacus model has helped thousands of people evaluate and plan strategically. This proven approach forms the basis of our unique online tool - separating it from all other tools available. 


iAbacus empowers people, building their capacity to evaluate and think strategically.

Successful people naturally look at what they do with a view to doing it better. They constantly evaluate performance and plan improvements. iAbacus unleashes this powerful potential in everyone that uses it.


Get started quickly with ready-made templates designed for your country and sector.

iAbacus is pre-loaded with a library of templates designed specifically for your country and sector. These time-saving templates eliminate the need to start from scratch and help you to get started quickly.


Enable teams to work collaboratively on shared evaluations and plans.

Many hands make light work when it comes to creating an evaluation and strategic plan. Not only that, but a plan that people contribute to - is often a plan that they'll commit to. That's why collaboration is built in to iAbacus.


Discover deep insights about performance that go much deeper than data.

An abacus bead shows where someone (or something) is at, why they're at that point - and how they plan to improve.  With access to this detail, you'll discover insights that go much deeper than data.


iAbacus demonstrates improvements and progress over time in a uniquely visual way.

As your abacus beads visually move to the right -  you're able to clearly demonstrate improvements and progress over time. This unique and transparent method motivates users and encourages a cycle of improvement.


The visual and kinaesthetic nature of iAbacus make it engaging and easy-to-use.

Based on a literal abacus with sliding beads, our user interface is beautifully simple. There are no complex or confusing dashboards. People start using it immediately and intuitively. It's engaging and a joy to use.


iAbacus improves all aspects of personal performance and operational effectiveness.

Effective self-evaluation and strategic planning are universal skills that can be applied in all aspects of human endeavour. In the same way, iAbacus can be used to evaluate and improve anything you or your organisation do.


Customise every aspect of iAbacus to meet the needs of your people.

Almost every aspect of this highly configurable tool can be tailored to suit the needs of those that use it. You can tailor it yourself or ask one of our experts for support. Either way - we'll make sure it's the perfect fit.


Quickly combine the input of others to reveal a complete picture of performance.

It takes just two clicks to generate an overview abacus showing performance across a group of users. This enables those in oversight to quickly identify pockets of excellence or areas of performance that need attention.


Instantly create beautiful PDF evaluations and action plans to share with others.

iAbacus instantly generates evaluations and action plans in PDF format that are clear, concise and easy-to-read. These visually appealing documents are perfect for sharing with others by email - or printing if required.


We're experts in self-evaluation and strategic planning - and we're here to help.

When you purchase a licence to use iAbacus, you have access to a team of experts who are there to help you and your people get the very best from this unique tool.