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The power is in the simplicity.

One tool to create, share and compare abacus evaluations and improvement plans.

Create an abacus


Individuals follow our step-by-step process to create their abacus evaluation and improvement plan.

  • Make accurate judgements based on criteria

  • Provide evidence to support judgements.

  • Analyse factors that are helping or hindering.

  • Plan strategic actions based on the analysis.

  • Visually demonstrate progress over time.

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Share an abacus


Teams collaborate and share their abacus evaluations and improvement plans with others.

  • Seek the views of others for a 360° approach. 

  • Collaborate on shared evaluations and plans.

  • Create PDF versions to print or send by email.

  • Generate reports for meetings or presentations.

  • Share read-only versions with guests.


Compare abacuses


Leaders compare multiple abacus evaluations and plans to discover insights.

  • Discover insights that go deeper than data.

  • Instantly combine multiple abacuses.

  • View effectiveness across the organisation.

  • Identify good practice to replicate.

  • Detect areas that need development.

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