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The simple and effective way to evaluate and develop your service(s) as Psychologically Informed Environments


Build PIE self-evaluations and strategic action plans.

Gain insights about the effectiveness of your PIE.

Empower your staff and encourage collaboration.

Create a culture for sustainable self-improvement.

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Simple yet powerful

iAbacus gives you a high level view of overall PIE effectiveness, and allows you to drill down to see the evidence behind the judgements.

Proven process

The iAbacus methodology provides a scaffold to easily yet rigorously assess PIEs, identify key risks and plan strategically.

Intuitive and engaging

Abacus is interactive, engaging and a joy to use. People start using it immediately and instinctively.

Operational intelligence

iAbacus lets you overlay data for multiple centres or departments, making it easy to compare PIEs across your organisation

Instant reports and plans

iAbacus automatically creates evaluation reports and action plans which are clear, concise – perfect for sharing with colleagues.

Designed by experts

iAbacus is based on a proven evaluation and strategic planning process developed during 20 years of working with leaders.

Saves time and reduces workload by giving you the tools to quickly and easily assess PIE effectiveness and evidence across multiple centres or departments.

Allows you to overlay data for multiple centres or departments, to identify strengths and weaknesses in the effectiveness of PIEs.

Builds capacity for sustainable self-improvement by giving staff a proven evaluation and improvement planning process.

Provides the rigour to support your analysis, as data from different sources can be pulled into iAbacus as evidence to back up judgements.

Encourages collaboration within and across your organisation by allowing several users to edit and add to the same abacus.

Is completely scaleable, so you can add additional centres or departments as your organisation grows.

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Being a PIE is not about a new set of things that a service must do, or must do properly, to be a PIE. Being a PIE is more a new way of looking at what you do, helping you to see more clearly. Being a PIE helps services to focus more effectively on what really matters to service users and to staff.

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