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Business & Enterprise 

iAbacus empowers business leaders to self-evaluate and think strategically.

One simple, yet powerful tool for everyone

iAbacus can empower individuals, teams and, through them, it will transform your business.  From sole traders, through SMEs, to large enterprises, iAbacus helps you evaluate effectiveness, analyse operational detail and create strategic plans for success.

First, we help you to identify and deploy success indicators. Your focus can be precise, or generic: sales; production; customer satisfaction; design; marketing. Individuals use their indicators to create personal growth plans.  Section, or Area Leaders, build on these to make plans for team development.  Executives, Directors and CEOs can then harness organisational intelligence, from the plans, to transform effectiveness, efficiency and well-being across the whole enterprise.

  • Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Further and Higher Education

  • PRUs and Alternative Provision

  • Independent Schools

  • Early Years

  • Training Providers

  • Multi Academy Trusts

  • Individual Development and Performance Planning

  • Area Team and Trade Specific Growth Plans 

  • Whole Business & Enterprise Transformation Plan

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