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iAbacus Introduces New Solution for MAT Dashboards

MAT / Trust dashboards

Are your school improvement efforts hindered by data overload? Do your dashboards feel more like a maze of numbers than a roadmap to success? We've heard your frustrations, and we're excited to announce a new solution designed to revolutionise how you gather and utilise insights across your schools or Multi-Academy Trust (MAT).

Introducing Insight-Driven Dashboards for MATs

Building on the success of iAbacus, our intuitive tool for self-evaluation and improvement planning, we've developed a powerful new approach to dashboards designed specifically for MATs. This innovative solution combines the collective wisdom of your school leaders with quantitative data to create a comprehensive and actionable picture of your trust's performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Harness the Human Element:  Unlock the valuable insights held by your educators and school leaders. Our approach captures both qualitative and quantitative data, providing a richer understanding of your MAT's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Simplify and Streamline:  Say goodbye to data overload. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to gather feedback, analyse results, and create clear, concise dashboards that highlight key areas for improvement.

  • Customise to Your Needs:  Every MAT is unique. Our solution allows you to tailor dashboards to your specific goals, whether it's risk assessment, school self-evaluation, curriculum review, or staff performance management.

  • Take Actionable Steps:  Gain the insights you need to identify and mitigate risks, pinpoint areas for improvement at both the trust and school levels, and make informed decisions about curriculum, staffing, and resource allocation.

Join Our Webinar to Learn More

We're hosting a free webinar where we'll dive into the details of our new MAT dashboard solution. You'll learn:

  • How our unique approach leverages the collective wisdom of your school leaders

  • How our platform simplifies data collection and analysis

  • How you can customise dashboards to fit your specific needs

  • How other MATs have used our approach to drive significant improvement

Register for our webinar today and discover the power of insight-driven dashboards!

Register on Eventbrite or request a recording of the session.


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