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This month’s focus iAbacus: Literacy

As you may already know, the iAbacus contains a template for the evaluation of literacy provision, designed to support subject leaders planning to improving provision and standards in literacy. The detailed criteria used in this template are from the Literacy Coordinator’s Handbook (DfES 2002) and covers four themes:

1. Establishing priorities, analysing results and reviewing progress

2. Continuing to improve the quality of teaching and learning

3. Management and deployment of resources

4. Professional development into practice

The iAbacus process scaffolds dialogue between the literacy coordinator and headteacher, or senior leader, as they share perceptions on the continuum of development in each area. It helps identify relative strengths and ideas for development and prioritise action in the context of the whole-school as well as subject needs. Reports are automatically compiled during the iAbacus process and, together with the collaboration function are excellent ways of disseminating thinking and ideas across the whole school.


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