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Complimentary Leadership Webinars for Multi-Academy Trusts by MATvista.

Managing a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) comes with the task of overseeing a range of critical areas, from quality assurance to strategic planning, risk management, and compliance. To help navigate these complex responsibilities, MATvista, a unique version of iAbacus tailored for MAT leaders, introduces a series of free webinars.

The webinars are carefully designed to address various challenges that MAT leaders face, providing tools and insights needed to steer their trusts towards success. These online sessions are conducted via Zoom, encompassing diverse topics critical to MAT leadership.

Quality assurance, one of the prime responsibilities of MAT leadership, can be particularly challenging. To address this, there's a webinar called "MAT Quality Assurance using the DfE Assurance Framework." This session provides guidance on utilising the DfE Assurance Framework to improve quality assurance, self-evaluation, and strategic planning within the trust.

Risk management is another crucial aspect for MAT leaders. Hence, the "MAT Risk Registers" webinar is aimed at helping teams devise simple, sustainable methods for risk assessment, analysis, and mitigation. It offers straightforward strategies for tracking and managing risk across the trust.

The webinar titled "SEFs, SIPs and SDPs" is designed to establish a trust-wide approach to school self-evaluation and improvement planning, which includes headteacher engagement to maximise participation from all stakeholders.

The "Deep-dives" webinar is another unique offering, aimed at enhancing the abilities of subject leaders while generating trust-wide insights. This session assists MAT leaders in implementing "deep-dives," fostering subject leaders' capabilities and providing valuable insights at the trust level.

There's also a webinar to establish a comprehensive approach for trust-wide evaluations and benchmarking, assisting MAT leaders in creating a universal evaluation and review process. This tool can be used to identify areas of improvement and design action plans accordingly.

Finally, the "Teacher Growth" webinar presents a teacher-centric approach to performance management, promoting teacher reflection and professional growth planning. It aims to empower teachers and enhance their classroom effectiveness, which subsequently improves the education quality across the trust.

MATvista, inspired by the revolutionary iAbacus tool, provides MAT leaders with a streamlined, simple, yet efficient way to manage quality assurance, risk registers, self-evaluation, and strategic planning. This tool has been successfully utilised by trusts of all sizes and stages, by individual CEOs, teams of MAT leaders, and even headteachers across the trust.

With its easy-to-use interface, proven model, and empowering approach, MATvista offers a unique toolset to MAT leaders. It's customisable, promotes collaboration, and provides deep insights into trust performance and operational effectiveness. Moreover, it comes with ready-made templates, allowing for a quick launch and enabling trust leaders to share evaluations and plans in an easily exportable PDF format.

Explore the webinars at and discover how they can add value to your trust.


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