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Welcome to iAbacus

in partnership with

Lee Anderson

I'm an approved partner in Scotland - here to help you make the most of this unique self-evaluation and improvement tool.

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Transforms all types of self-evaluation and improvement planning, e.g. school self-evaluation and teacher reflection.

Used successfully in a number of education organisations in Scotland.  See the case study below.

Loaded with templates and relevant criteria for Scotland, e.g. HGIOS 4.0 and GTC Professional Standards.

Completely customisable with your own evaluation criteria, performance indicators or improvement priorities. Try it now.

Reflection and
growth planning

Empower your frontline staff to evaluate their own performance and create plans for professional growth. 

  • Embed a culture of professional reflection.

  • Enable staff to take ownership of CPD.

  • Enrich existing performance management.

Subject self-review and improvement planning

Empower your middle leaders to evaluate their area of responsibility and create plans for sustainable improvement.

  • Encourage evidence-based judgements.

  • Increase analysis and diagnostic skills.

  • Strengthen strategic thinking and planning.

School teachers gather in a small school office for a chat. They look happy. A woman and t

Organisation evaluation and strategic planning

Empower your organisation's leaders to evaluate operational effectiveness and create strategic action plans.

  • Harness the power of collaboration.

  • Enable distributed leadership.

  • Discover shared insights.


We've found the best way to discuss iAbacus is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it works. We’ll answer all your questions and show you how iAbacus is tailored to your education setting.


Specific templates for Scotland

Below is a selection of specific templates designed for self-evaluation and improvement planning in Scotland. Try them for yourself with a free, no-obligation trial account.


Try it now

Get immediate access to iAbacus with a free 30-day trial



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Bell Baxter School - Fife

Carol Ann Penrose




"In Scotland there is a requirement for teachers to be involved in self-evaluation, but in reality it’s difficult for them to set aside the time while they’re busy teaching.

"I’ve been looking for a while for a tool that would support this process – that would make teachers’ lives easier. I also wanted something that would make them want to engage with self-evaluation and make it their own.

"The other aspect was making judgements based on evidence. Teachers have a gut reaction which is usually spot on, but it needs to be clear what evidence backs it up. iAbacus just seemed to tick all the boxes.

"What’s good is that you can see the whole process – where we were at the beginning and how we’ve moved on – without needing to go through multiple versions.

"iAbacus is just a really efficient electronic tool."

Teachers’ response

"It’s gone down really well. Teachers have found it incredibly easy to use and helpful in their thinking. Already they’re coming back with different uses for it, which I see as a sign of a good tool.

"Principal teachers are using it to engage staff in evaluation. They all decide as a faculty what are the key pieces of evidence they’re going to use. It has the potential to be quite powerful in moving on their thinking.

"Initially we thought about getting licenses just for the principal teachers, but I didn’t want it to become another management tool. It’s important to me that all teachers are engaged, so everyone has access to it. It’s a tool for every teacher.

"We’ve used iAbacus to create the whole school improvement plan for next year. Every faculty has evaluated themselves and come up with evidence and an action plan sitting underneath. Next year faculties will review this throughout the year, updating their progress and evidence.

"The plan is to focus on a specific element for a six-week period, then go back to the abacus and see if they can shift their beads. They’ll then decide what evidence they will use to support that.

"The whole process will be much easier. With previous Word documents, they sit on a server and you only go back at the end of the year as a post mortem. This will be a living document."

Customising iAbacus

"We're looking to develop an abacus to evaulate the impact of our newly created Bell Baxter Learning Standard, which sets a clear baseline for consistent high quality learning and teaching across our school.

"We're also looking at how we could get our young people to use iAbacus to reflect on their own practice using the HGIOURS framework. The goal is to get young people actively engaged and reflecting on what the school could do better.

"iAbacus has the potential to be a very powerful tool for moving the school forward."

"It’s gone down really well. Teachers have found it incredibly easy to use and helpful in their thinking. Already they’re coming back with different uses for it, which I see as a sign of a good tool."
Case Study

Flexible pricing


Purchase individual user accounts or a site licence to cover everyone in your organisation.


Per user

£250 base cost + £25 per user.


Per site

From £995 per site.

Prices are per year and VAT will be added.

What's included?

Unlimited training

Unlimited usage

Unlimited support

Unlimited online training to help get staff using this unique tool.

Unlimited usage for all aspects of personal performance and operational effectiveness.

Unlimited personalised support for every user by phone, email or live chat.


About me

Lee Anderson

I’m Lee Anderson, teacher of English Language and Literature at all levels of High School Curriculum in Scotland. 

With an in-depth knowledge of curriculum
development and educational planning programs, I’m always looking for ways to increase performance and make the workload of teaching more manageable through planning and collaboration with colleagues.  

Throughout my working life, I have gained a broad experience of various industries, bringing a keen understanding of project management and strategies relating to enhanced performance. 

Educated at Edinburgh University- Degrees in English Literature and Scottish Ethnology.

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