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Unlimited Site Licence for £795

Order within 7 days of your Zoom demo and save £200.


Senior leaders use iAbacus to collaborate on school self-evaluations and improvement plans.

  • A unique approach, proven over decades.

  • Harnesses the power of collaboration.

  • Saves time and minimises workload.

Unlimited school self-evaluation and improvement plans.

Unlimited subject reviews, 'deep-dives' and development plans.

Unlimited teacher and TA self-reflections and professional growth pans.

Middle leaders use iAbacus to self-evaluate their subjects and create development plans.

  • Works for all subjects and focus areas.

  • Improves strategic thinking and planning.

  • The perfect preparation for 'deep-dives'.


Teachers use iAbacus to self-evaluate their performance and create professional growth plans.

  • Creates a culture of professional reflection.

  • Enables staff to take ownership of CPD.

  • Enriches existing appraisal processes.

Order today.

Only available for 7 days following your demo.

Unlimted accounts for all staff

Unlock extra collaboration tools.

Unlmited abacus templates.

Phone and 'chat' support for all staff.

Unlimited CPD and inset sessions.

Instant access to new features.

Beautifully simple.

Our unique tool is visual and kinaesthetic which makes it engaging and a joy to use.

Save precious leadership time.

Our proven approach speeds up the entire self-evaluation and action planning process.

Minimise workload stress.

Our simple, step-by-step process removes complexity and reduces workload stress.

Build capacity and empower.

Our methodology builds people's capacity to evaluate and plan actions strategically.

Collaborate with ease.

Our collaboration techniques make it easy to work on team based evaluations and plans.

Generate instant reports to share.

Our beautiful PDF format means reports are clear, concise and easy-to-read. 

Customised to suit your school.

Our hands-on customisation service guarantees the tool is tailored to your needs.

Save money and reduce costs.

Our special upgrade offer provides access to iAbacus at the lowest price possible.

Instantly compare effectiveness across your whole school.


Combine multiple abacuses, then dive down into the detailed insights.

  • Identify good practice to replicate.

  • Detect areas that need development.

  • Gain insights that go deeper than data.

Time-saving templates.

There's an abacus for everything.

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Curriculum areas








What's included ?

Unlimited users

Unlimited users including all teachers, support staff, middle and senior leaders.

Unlimited templates

Unlimited templates for all aspects of staff performance and school effectiveness.

Unlimited training

Unlimited online training to help staff make the most of this unique tool.

Unlimited support

Unlimited personalised support for every user by phone, email or live chat.

We've found the best way to discuss iAbacus is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it works. We’ll answer all your questions and show you how iAbacus is tailored to your education setting.

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