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David Hughes

I'm an approved iAbacus partner - here to help you make the most of this unique self-evaluation and improvement tool.

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Empowering educators to make the biggest impact.


School leaders use iAbacus to collaborate on shared self-evaluations and improvement plans.

  • A unique approach, proven over decades.

  • Harnesses the power of collaboration.

  • Saves time and minimises workload.


Middle leaders use iAbacus to self-evaluate their subjects and create development plans.

  • Works for all subjects and focus areas.

  • Improves strategic thinking and planning.

  • Enables distributed leadership.


Teachers use iAbacus to self-evaluate their performance and create professional growth plans.

  • Creates a culture of professional reflection.

  • Enables staff to take ownership of CPD.

  • Enriches existing appraisal processes.


We've found the best way to discuss iAbacus is using Zoom, Teams or GoogleMeet. We can talk about your requirements and we’ll share our screen to show you how it works. We’ll answer all your questions and show you how iAbacus is tailored to your education setting.








How it works.

The power is in the simplicity.

One tool to create, share and compare abacus evaluations and improvement plans.


Create an abacus

Individuals follow our step-by-step process to create their abacus evaluation and improvement plan.

  • Make accurate judgements based on criteria

  • Provide evidence to support judgements.

  • Analyse factors that are helping or hindering.

  • Plan strategic actions based on the analysis.

  • Visually demonstrate progress over time.

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Share an abacus

Teams collaborate and share their abacus evaluations and improvement plans with others.

  • Seek the views of others for a 360° approach. 

  • Collaborate on shared evaluations and plans.

  • Create PDF versions to print or send by email.

  • Generate reports for meetings or presentations.

  • Share read-only versions with guests.


Compare abacuses

  • Discover insights that go deeper than data.

  • Instantly combine multiple abacuses.

  • View effectiveness across the organisation.

  • Identify good practice to replicate.

  • Detect areas that need development.

Leaders compare multiple abacus evaluations and plans to discover insights.



Empower individuals with a capacity-building process to evaluate and improve.



Unite teams as they collaborate on shared evaluations and plans.



Inform leaders as they compare input in a holistic view and discover insights.


The visual and kinaesthetic nature of iAbacus makes it engaging and easy to use.

Based on a literal abacus with sliding beads, our user interface is beautifully simple. There are no complex or confusing dashboards. People start using it immediately and intuitively. It's engaging and a joy to use.


iAbacus empowers people, building their capacity to self-evaluate and think strategically.

Successful people naturally look at what they do with a view to doing it better. They constantly evaluate performance and plan improvements. iAbacus unleashes this powerful potential in everyone that uses it.


Get started quickly with ready-made templates designed for your country and sector.

iAbacus is loaded with a library of templates designed specifically for your country and sector. These time-saving templates eliminate the need to start from scratch and help you deploy the tool quickly.


Enable teamwork and collaboration with shared evaluations and action plans.

Collect personal and team perspectives to develop an organisation-wide evaluation rather than top-down assessment. Not only that, but a collaborative action plan that people contribute to, is often a plan they'll commit to.


Discover deep insights about performance and effectiveness that go much deeper than data.

Behind every abacus bead is someone's evaluation, analysis and action planning. When shared, this reveals insights that go much deeper than data. It shows why things are happening and how they'll be improved.


Demonstrate improvements and progress over time in a uniquely visual way.

The movement of a person's abacus beads from left to right demonstrates their progress over time. This visual method motivates users and encourages a continuous cycle of evaluation and improvement planning.


Thousands of people have been helped by the Abacus model for over 40 years.

The Abacus model has helped thousands of people evaluate and plan strategically. This trusted and proven approach forms the basis of our unique online tool – we’re the sole licence holder.


iAbacus works for all aspects of personal performance and operational effectiveness.

iAbacus follows timeless principles that can be applied to any endeavour or enterprise. This means it can be used to improve an individual's own performance or the effectiveness of a team or organisation.


Customise every aspect of iAbacus to meet the precise needs of your people.

Almost every aspect of this highly configurable tool can be tailored to suit the needs of those who use it. You can customise it yourself or ask one of our experts. Either way - we'll make sure it's the perfect fit.


Combine and compare the input of others to reveal a complete picture of performance.

It takes just two clicks to generate an overview abacus showing performance across a group of users. This quickly identifies pockets of excellence or areas of performance that need attention.


Create beautiful evaluations and action plans in PDF format that are easy to share with others.

iAbacus automatically generates clear and concise PDF documents that are perfect for sharing by email - or printing if required. No formatting of text or tables is required, just one click and it's ready.

Expert service

We're experts in self-evaluation and strategic action planning - and we're here to help.

We'll help you and your people get the very best from this unique tool. We can develop a bespoke version of iAbacus for you, deliver your in-house training, design your materials. We're more than software people.


iAbacus is preloaded with templates for all aspects of school provision and personal performance. To view the template library - please register for a FREE trial account or book a demonstration with me.


Try it now

Get immediate access to iAbacus with a free 30-day trial.


Flexible pricing

Purchase individual user accounts or a site licence to cover everyone in your organisation.


Per user

£250 base cost + £25 per user.


Per site

From £995 per site.

Prices are per year and VAT will be added.

What's included?

Unlimited training

Unlimited usage

Unlimited support

Unlimited online training to help get staff using this unique tool.

Unlimited usage for all aspects of personal performance and operational effectiveness.

Unlimited personalised support for every user by phone, email or live chat.

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About me

David Hughes

David has had a successful career in leadership in schools in rural, suburban and inner city settings. He has managed learning transformation projects at local authority and national levels. He was headhunted for the Building Schools for the Future programme and advised heads, governors and other stakeholders regarding the learning architecture required to develop 21st century learning. In this context, he was seconded to the RSA Academy to help develop and deploy the Opening Minds curriculum. 


In recent years David has written papers and appeared at conferences promoting new learning paradigms and collaborated on projects with universities, NASA and leading schools in India, Norway, Australia and the United States.

He has also developed and delivered learning technology programmes for adults with learning disabilities for the REACH project.  His experiences went to form the ideas and school cultural development strategies outlined in his books, Future Proof Your School and Re-Examining Success. 

David is delighted to be once again teamed with the iAbacus team, with whom he previously worked on the development of learning platforms. 


iAbacus is a trademark of TDK. Registered in the UK © 2022

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Leonardo Da Vinci

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