It helps people evaluate and plan using their own abacus.

iAbacus works in two ways.

It helps leaders discover insights by analysing multiple abacuses.


Start by sliding beads

Slide beads to the current level of performance or effectiveness.

judgement (2).gif
judgement (1).gif

Review criteria

Check the accuracy of your judgements by reviewing criteria and KPIs.


Add evidence

Support your evaluation with notes, attachments and web links.


Analyse Factors

Analyse what's helping or hindering the current situation.


Plan Actions

Check your evaluation is accurate by reviewing criteria.


Where are you now?

Slide a bead to represent current performance

1 minute video

How do you know?

Check your judgement against criteria 

1 minute video

What's your evidence?

Support your judgement and celebrate success

1 minute video

What's helping or hindering?

Analyse and prioritise the factors affecting progress.

1 minute video

What are you going to do?

Create a strategic plan and share it with others.

1 minute video


Leaders analyse multiple "abacuses" to discover shared insights that drive improvement.